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Gate Valve

Gate valves vertically partition the path of the fluid using a gated structure, creating a straight-line flow of fluid.
Although these valves keep pressure loss and fluid resistance at a low level, they can only be used for on-off applications.
Gate Valve

We use different materials for the valve casing according to the nominal diameter:
- 65 mm and above・・・Cast steel
- 50 mm and below・・・Forged steel

NameGate Valve
Body MaterialASTM, ASME, JIS.
Cast Steel / Forged Steel

Carbon Steel,
1Cr0.5Mo Steel,
2.5Cr1Mo Steel,
Stainless Steel,
9Cr1Mo-V Steel,
FluidWater, Steam, Gas, Oil, etc.
Pressure Class,
Class 150 - 2500: - 600 mm
Class 3500: - 400 mm
Class 4500: - 300 mm
Connection FormSocket weld, butt weld, flanged*
Operation MethodManual (including the type with a manual reduction gear), electric

*For valves with flanged connection, indicate the surface shape (raised face, flat face, etc.) for each flange standard (ASME, JIS, etc.)
• The above specifications are for standard products. Please inquire for other specifications..

RRP discharge valve
RRP discharge valve

Gate valves allow for various applications and are thus used in a wide range of fields. At Okano, we also manufacture valves that meet highly specialized requirements.

The reactor recirculation pump (RRP) discharge valve is a foremost example. This is a type of gate valve with an array of unique structural features, including one that reduces valve operation time to enable rapid closure in the event of an emergency.