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Chemical Decontamination of Valves

It’s difficult to control the amount of radiation workers are exposed to during the course of their work at nuclear power plants, but we have come up with some ways to reduce the levels of exposure so that they can perform their duties as efficiently and safely as possible.
Reduction of exposure by
performing chemical decontamination on valves.


Remove the radioactive material that has attached to the inner surface of the valve by applying a chemical decontamination agent to the inside of the valve (upper valve body , bonnet + valve disc).(DF value 20) Decontamination of a polluted tool and a disposable part can be performed at the same time by placing a decontamination container on the decontamination loop.

Decontamination Time

Approximately for 3 days

Image of the chemical decontamination

Image of the chemical decontamination

Effect of Decontamination on the Valve Disc

Stellite Part 45.00.8

* An example of our past result

Before  Valve Disc VT

Before Valve Disc VT

After  Valve Disc VT

After Valve Disc VT