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Special Maintenance List

Valve Maintenance Management Support System

In order to operate plants more efficiently and safely, it is necessary to maintain the performances and functions of tens of thousands valves adequately.
Do you have these problems?
  • Cannot find records of consumable items from the drawing files when checking.
  • Time wasted from having to check the inspection history of the object valve from the past written reports.
  • Spending time selecting the object valve for inspection, etc.
Make a database of valve information

A maintenance management support system provides necessary valve data and the useful documents to help prepare valve maintenance and management plans for the customer. All the work results are registered in the database and are displayed for confirmation on the computer screen.

Examination of Valve Data

  • Examine the valve specifications in book materials.(valve lists, construction drawings of the valve, piping and instrumentation line diagrams, etc.)
  • Examine the contents in inspection records.

Site Examination

  • Examine the work environment by actually checking the valve on site.
  • Presence or absence of thermal insulation
  • Presence or absence of scaffolds
  • Removal and restoration of support
  • Removal and restoration of items for interference
  • Valve installation site…etc.

Inspection Cycle Setting Preparation of Long-Term Maintenance Plan

  • Set the inspection cycle while considering the conditions specified by the customer, and prepare the long-term maintenance plan.

Horizontal Inspection Lists

  • When a malfunction is found in a valve, the database can be used to compile a list of similar valves to inspect for maintenance and find any systematic problems.

Data Maintenance

  • Periodically, the system inputs data such as inspection records, newly acquired/removed valves, etc. The system also adds, deletes and updates data.