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Special Maintenance List

Replacement and Repair of Valve Seat

Defects which haveoccurred on the stellite part of the valve seat such as wear, cracks, and erosion can cause leakage.

Abnormality of the sealing faceSeat Leak
Low cost and short-term restoration vs. Valve Body replacement.

How to Repair

Repair with cutting and welding machines on site.

1.Separate the valve seat from the body by scraping the welded part using a cutting machine.
2.Mount the new valve seat by a welding machine.


Globe Valve,Gate Valve,Check Valve

Work Period

9 days (Standard number of days)

Installation Image of the Cutting Machine
Installation Image of the Welding Machine

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For emergency, perform a local repair. (Emergency Treatment)

How to Repair

Perform a local repair by manual welding method.


Globe Valve,Gate Valve,Check Valve [ Valve Seat,Valve Disc ]

Work Period

3 days (Standard number of days)

* The valve disc or body will be replaced at the next inspection as it is an emergency treatment.

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  • Overlay Welding

    Overlay Welding

  • Grind the welded part

    Grind the
    welded part

  • PT(Liquid Penetrant Testing)after grinding

    (Liquid Penetrant Testing)
    after grinding