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Special Maintenance List

Stem Bush Wear Measurement

As for valves which open and close at a high frequency, abrasion may occur on stem bush screws when there is a lack of lubricating oil, increasing the risk of malfunction in the motor operated valve.
Stem Bush Wear
Stem Bush (Material: Copper Alloy) Valve Stem (Material: SUS431 and etc.)
Wear face is separated by fluid lubrication film. (Healthy Condition)
Lack of lubricating oil causes an absence of oil film, resulting in wear on the internal thread. The internal thread becomes deformed due to the progress of wear.
Wear condition check without disassembling.

Measurement method

1.Install various sensors.
2.Open and close the valve and measure the electric signals from each sensor (vibration, stroke, etc.).
3.Wear level of the stem is calculated with the diagnostic system using the measured value.


Different Types of Motor Operated Valves

* Measurement of valves manufactured by other companies is also available.

Work Period

About 2 -3 hours per valve (Standard Time)

* Wear measurement for stem bushes is also available in [AVD].

No disassembling
  Short time measurement! Low cost compared to disassembling.   Wear condition is confirmed. , Thus, appropriate replacement time can be found.
Stem Bush Wear Measurement Equipment.

Stem Bush Wear Measurement Equipment.