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We have been contributing to the development of thermal and nuclear energy as a pioneer in the valve industry, with the corporate motto “One Step Ahead” and the purpose of establishing domestic valve production, ever since the first president, Mitsuru Okano founded the company in 1926.

Our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society by providing valuable products and services. We strive to accomplish this specifically through what we see as “the life cycle of valves,” which starts from quality raw materials, moves to manufacturing products that satisfy our customers, then to cost-effective and practical maintenance, and ends with environmentally safe disposal of waste. The differentiation and specialization of our products and services, in addition to self-reflection and reform of the way we do business, will foster continued growth in the future. Thank you very much for your business, guidance and support.

Masatoshi Okano


Masatoshi Okano

Masaki Okano

Representative Director

Masaki Okano, President